Three Super-Spicy recipes

I LOVE spice, unlike my chilli phobic, flavour dodging husband. I usually tone down the heat for his timid tastebuds, or (rather annoyingly) make two versions of the same meal, his with a miniscule amount of spice, mine with a more ‘sizeable’ helping. So when Spice Kitchen UK sent me a selection of spice mixes… Continue reading Three Super-Spicy recipes

Sweet potato latkes, poached egg and tahini yogurt

So it’s time to talk nutrition. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start writing recipes for flourless vegan paleo radish no-cheese cheesecake. I am, however, still concerned about what I put in my mouth and the effect it has on my mind and body. Even more so now I have two young kids. I want… Continue reading Sweet potato latkes, poached egg and tahini yogurt

Marinated halloumi with herby giant couscous

During both of my pregnancies, I began to experience a little of what husband dearest must experience endure most days: MAJOR meat cravings. I’ve written before about the hubby’s love of red meat in my post Spinach and salmon pizza, and only once ‘with child’ did I really understand the allure of a great big hunk… Continue reading Marinated halloumi with herby giant couscous

Super sophisticated crab linguine

I won’t bother with the usual self indulgent preamble, let’s cut to the chase: crab isn’t necessarily the first ingredient you think of when planning a meal based on economy. I could tell what you were thinking. It may not be quite as luxurious as its crustacean cousin, lobster, but this rusty-red armoured beast still yields… Continue reading Super sophisticated crab linguine

Pan fried cod cheeks with caper and lemon butter

Before I had kids, I used to take great pleasure in idling around my local town centre on market day. An hour or two could happily be spent browsing the bounty on offer. I’d contentedly saunter around the veg stalls, eyeing up the seasonal produce, spending time surveying and handling the treasures and chatting with… Continue reading Pan fried cod cheeks with caper and lemon butter